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What Should Parents Take Into Account When Choosing Minneapolis Childcare?

If you can rely on friends or family to take care of your child, it can be a great convenience to you. It’s still important to make sure they’re qualified and equipped to take care of your child. The same can be said of a babysitter that you don’t know. Make sure the person taking care of your child is a good fit and will be able to keep them safe while you’re away.

  • References and background checks — Be sure to check the references and perform a background check of all potential caregivers. Be sure they’re capable of all the tasks you’ll ask of them and refer to other families whose children they’ve cared for if they would recommend them as a babysitter for your child.
  • Ask them why they’re caregivers — Asking unique questions during the interviewing process will also help you decide who is going to be a good fit. You need to know more than just their availability and experience — you need to know that they are passionate about children and care about looking after them.
  • Observe how they interact with your child — A trial-run isn’t a bad idea to make sure a caregiver is a good fit for your child. It will give you the opportunity to observe how they interact with your children. Are they a good teacher? Do they play well with your child? Do they discipline appropriately? And, most importantly, are they aware of potential dangers to keep your child away from?
  • Trust your instincts — Trust your gut regardless of how they perform in front of you. This applies to more than just babysitters, but to friends and family members as well. If you suspect your child is being neglected while in the care of someone else, don’t hesitate to relieve them of their duties.

If your child has sustained a personal injury while in the care of someone else, Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A. has helped Minnesota and western Wisconsin families find justice.

What Makes A Good Daycare in Minneapolis?

When choosing a daycare, whether at a public center or in someone’s home, it’s important to make sure all caregivers are licensed and the facility is able to accommodate your child’s specific needs as well as your schedule. In order to prevent personal injury, there are some safety precautions that daycares should take to keep children safe.

These are a few things you’ll want to make sure a daycare has or does before choosing them for child care:

  • Happy children and caregivers — The ideal daycare will have children who are happily engaging in activities, with one another, and with caregivers. Caregivers should also be enthusiastic, patient and engaged with the children.
  • Age-appropriate activities — Children within one age group should have enough stimulation to keep them busy throughout the day. Are there enough toys and activities for children to play with or perform together? Daycare centers may also have a schedule for different activities throughout the day.
  • Children are separated into age groups — for the safety of your child, the daycare should separate children by age groups. The best strategy is to have babies under 12 months in one area, toddlers in another and older children — if the daycare provides care for them — in a third area.
  • The center or home is clean and safe — Make sure caregivers keep areas clean and sanitized, wash their hands regularly, and have blocked off areas that could be dangerous to younger children.

Strong Legal Help For Parents

There are plenty more things to consider for your child when trying to find a daycare for them. The daycare may have insurance or a protocol set up if your child is injured while under their care, but make sure they take full responsibility. In the case where your child has sustained a Minneapolis personal injury while at daycare and the caregiver or center won’t accept liability, contact a personal injury lawyer to make sure your child’s injury is taken care of and covered.

If you’re concerned about an injury that took place in your child’s Minneapolis daycare or with a caregiver, we can help. Give Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A. a call today at 763-447-4076 or send us an email today.