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Have you been injured in an auto accident?

Any type of auto accident has the potential to turn your world upside down. While a small accident may cause weeks of fighting the insurance company for the benefit you are entitled to, a devastating crash can result in overwhelming pain and loss for family members.

At Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A., we understand the impact these accidents have on our clients throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The auto accident attorneys at our law firm are committed to handling the legal process and getting you the compensation as well as the closure you are entitled to. It is our goal to carry this for you as you seek the treatment and repairs needed to move forward with your life.

4 Reasons You Need An Auto Accident Attorney

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, it is stressful to deal with auto repair bills, medical bills and settlements on top of dealing with the pain of an injury sustained from the crash. If your loved one was in a fatal accident, dealing with the loss on top of the bills can be excruciating. When you hire an auto accident attorney like Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A., you’ll receive help making the correct next steps after your accident.

  1. You need to make sure you receive compensation for damages, injuries and loss.
  2. If the driver who caused the accident doesn’t accept liability, an investigation will need to be performed. Attorneys know where and how to look for evidence to help support your case.
  3. You may accidentally admit fault, even if you’re not at fault. If you’ve inadvertently accepted fault, insurance adjusters will try to pay less money for a claim, even if your claim is valid.
  4. Insurance companies will try to get you to admit fault by asking questions about the accident. When you have an auto accident attorney though, we deal with insurance on your behalf and work to reach the best solution possible for compensation.

When you choose us to represent you, we work to help you through the entire process that comes after your auto accident.

Meeting With An Auto Accident Attorney: What You Need To Know

When you come in to meet with your attorney, there are a few things we need to know to get a better idea of the events that took place in your auto accident. We will thoroughly examine your case to determine what the best path forward is and make sure everyone understands how the process works.

If you know the answers to the following questions, we will be able to understand your case better and how we can help you.

  • Have you been in contact with an insurance company representative? To whom did you speak? What did you tell them?
  • Have you talked to anyone else about the accident? This could be friends, family members, law enforcement, first responders or anyone involved in the accident.
  • What type of car insurance and/or health insurance do you have?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident? Do you have their contact information?

On top of being able to answer these questions, it is important that you are honest with us about everything that happened. Even if we haven’t accepted your case yet, you are protected by attorney/client privilege when you meet with us. The more we know about what happened, the better we will be able to represent you.

An Accident Leading To Death

The sudden loss of a loved one — especially in a tragic and unexpected event — is excruciating to endure. It’s hard enough to deal with the expenses and bills after an auto accident, and the last thing you want is a legal headache on top of it all. 

Dealing With Injuries After An Accident

Whether you’ve sustained whiplash, or you’ve had to endure hospital stays and surgeries to recover from a car accident, the medical bills after your crash can be astronomical. We can help find a solution to get your medical expenses paid for. On top of that, we will assist you in finding a way to pay for the damages to your vehicle. 

Finding The Right Settlement

A settlement, by definition, is an official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict. In an auto accident, a settlement usually involves a monetary payment to settle the debt for things that couldn’t be replaced.

Maybe your car can be fixed or the pain from your whiplash will go away, but if you’ve lost a loved one, time from work, or you’re likely to experience some degree of pain and suffering down the road due to the accident, a settlement helps compensate for those pains and losses. Whether you’ve been in an accident while on a motorcycle or gotten in an altercation with an 18-wheeler, it’s important to have the right legal guidance.


Your Auto Accident Attorney

There are many reasons why a person could cause an accident. You can do everything you can to pay attention and drive defensively, but there are some accidents that can’t be avoided. Whether the other driver wasn’t mentally focused, they were looking at their phone, they were intoxicated, or they were speeding, you need to be compensated for damages, injuries, and loss.

Depending on the reason why the accident occurred, the driver may even be liable for a negligence charge as well. If you are in need of an auto accident attorney, please contact Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A., for representation and help navigating the next steps after an auto accident. Give us a call at 763-447-4076 or send us an email today.