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What should I do after an accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You cannot always avoid an accident. The safest drivers cannot account for the poor decisions of other motorists and wildlife. In the coming months, deer crossings will increase, and driving conditions will worsen. Wisconsin and Minnesota drivers need to know what to do immediately after suffering a car accident.

Continue reading to prepare for motor vehicle accidents in Minnesota and Wisconsin. No one expects a car accident, but a plan will give you peace of mind and prevent unnecessary difficulties.

Move to safety

Your priority should be to secure your safety. Check any passengers in your vehicle and move the car if you are in an unsafe part of the road. If you cannot drive the car, get out and walk to safety. Consider investing in road flares so oncoming traffic can see you from a greater distance. Finally, call 911 to report the accident.

Exchange information and take pictures

Get the other driver’s information. This should include their insurance provider, driver’s license number, name, address, phone and license plate number. Be polite to the other driver, but never admit fault. Take relevant pictures of the accident. This includes vehicle damage and any obstacle or traffic impediment that affected the crash.

Contact your insurance provider

Finally, call your insurance company. Only admit the facts of the accident and do not give any further statements. According to the Minnesota Commerce Department, insurance companies must repair the vehicle up to its condition before the accident. However, if the repairs equal or exceed the market value, they may pay you directly instead of repairing the vehicle.

Taking the proper steps after a motor vehicle accident helps improve an otherwise negative situation. Protect yourself by gathering information, staying safe and working with your insurance company.