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Reasons For Most Car Accidents

There are a lot of reasons why auto accidents happen. Whether the driver was distracted, using their phone, had been drinking beforehand, or speeding, the outcome could be devastating to you, them, and others. Read more about common reasons auto accidents happen so you can be aware of the dangers on the road around you.

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Distracted Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 424,000 auto accident-related injuries were caused by distracted drivers in 2013. In the same year, there were 3,154 auto accident fatalities because of distracted drivers. Distracted driving is broken down into three categories:

Cognitive Distraction

When a driver is experiencing a cognitive distraction, it means that their mind isn’t focused on driving. This could be because they’re talking to a passenger; they’re preoccupied with personal, family or work-related issues; or they could even be distracted by audio, like a radio station or a podcast they’re listening to.

Visual Distraction

When a driver is visually distracted, they’re looking at something other than the road. This could be something as little as checking a child’s seat belt, checking a GPS or portable entertainment system, or looking at electronic devices (see “Driving While Texting Accidents” below).

Manual Distraction

This type of distraction is when the driver has taken their hands off of the steering wheel. Someone might do this because they’re eating or drinking, they’re adjusting their GPS, or they’re trying to retrieve something from a bag or a purse.

We know that distractions happen, but when they cause accidents that harm you and your loved ones, you need to be represented fairly. When you need an auto accident attorney, contact Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A.

Driving While Texting Accidents

Texting While Driving Statistics

  • 1.6 Million Car Crashes Every Year
  • Consists of 1 Out of Every 4 Accidents
  • 390,000 Injuries In Auto Accidents

The National Safety Council reported that 1.6 million crashes are caused each year by drivers who use their phones while driving. This means that one out of every four accidents in the United States are caused by drivers who are texting and driving. Out of those, 390,000 auto accident injuries are caused by drivers who text while driving.

When drivers text while driving, they are six times more likely to cause an accident than drunk drivers. This is because, when they’re driving at 55 miles per hour, they travel the length of a football field when they take just 5 seconds to respond to a text.

You can drive defensively, but that won’t always protect you from an accident where someone is looking at their phone instead of the road. If you’ve been in an auto accident, contact Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A.

Drunk Driving

Luckily, the number of fatalities related to drunk driving accidents has decreased 48% since 1982. However, drunk driving still accounted for 29 percent of fatalities in auto accidents in 2017. A driver is still considered intoxicated and above the legal driving limit if their BAC exceeds .08. In alcohol-related accidents, 67% account for at least one driver having a BAC of 0.15 or higher. It doesn’t take much alcohol to impair an individual’s driving. If you’ve sustained injuries and/or lost a loved one because of a drunk driver, get help from Keller, Woods & Thompson, P.A., to represent you as your auto accident attorney.

Speeding Accidents

In 2016, the NHTSA reported that 10,111 people were killed in speeding-related accidents. This accounts for 27 percent of all auto accident-related deaths. Though it may seem convenient to some to speed, there are many risks involved. These risks include:

Even with these facts, many people still speed, at the risk of themselves and others. People speed for many reasons, but they are most likely not being aggressive drivers intentionally. Some people speed to avoid or escape traffic congestion. Others are running late and are trying to make up time to arrive at work, school, a meeting, a lesson, a game, or another appointment when it was scheduled. Others speed because driving in a car creates a sense of isolation. They are less aware of those around them and they do not feel like their actions and behavior are being watched.

Unfortunately, there are those who do speed because they are intentionally disregarding others and the law, and this is just part of their normal behavior. Most of the time, though, people aren’t driving aggressively or speeding intentionally; they’re just running late or they’re reacting to a personal issue in their life.

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