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Five Telltale Signs of Daycare Negligence

by | May 28, 2020 | Personal Injury

As a parent, caring for our children and providing for their needs is a big responsibility. When it comes to selecting the right daycare center for your child, it is always important to ask your friends and family and do research of your own in order to ensure that it will be a good, safe place for your child to be while you can’t watch over them.

While the expectation when bringing your child to a daycare facility is that they will be treated well, taught valuable lessons, and be provided with a great opportunity to branch out and socialize, there, unfortunately, are times when daycare negligence occurs, which can impact the emotional, psychological, and physical development of your child. This can cause long-term effects as they are at such a sensitive age, which is why it is crucial to pay attention to these signs and act upon them accordingly if it is something you have been noticing.

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Common Signs of Daycare Negligence

1. Hunger and Thirst

Feeding your child well as they grow is extremely important and not an option. While some children are poor feeders and don’t eat as much, this only means that caregivers need to have patience with them during mealtime. Some daycare workers, unfortunately, are not patient enough with children to assist them during mealtime, which can lead to complications and a malnourished child. If you are noticing that your child is consistently in need of water or food when you bring them home from daycare, this could be a sign of neglect.

2. Unsafe Conditions (Both Indoors and Outdoors)

The safety of your child is always a top priority, so it can be very disheartening to bring your child home from daycare hurting or with noticeable injuries. When this becomes a consistent occurrence, many parents resign from daycare and contact personal injury lawyers when further action is needed. Whether there is the presence of faulty playground equipment, broken glass, exposed sharp edges, or another potentially dangerous aspect of the daycare center environment, these are all signs of neglect and should be discussed with upper management and a personal injury lawyer.

3. Scratches, Bruises, or Other Injuries

Children tend to be a bit more clumsy in nature, so it isn’t unusual for them to occasionally have bruises on their knees or elbows from tripping. However, if you are noticing that your child is always sustaining injuries and the providers cannot explain them, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It is also important to take note of any injuries in odd places on their body, such as on their wrists, upper arms, abdomen, and back, as these typically don’t get injured from simple falls and could potentially be signs of abuse.

4. Insufficient Staff

As a parent, you know that toddlers and young children require close attention and supervision, which is why it is crucial to ensure that a daycare facility is sufficiently staffed. When there are not enough workers for the number of children, it can become easy to take their eyes off of your young one and pose various risks to them. Your child should be getting the same attention at daycare as they receive at home. If a daycare center is understaffed, this should be a red flag and is a sign of negligence on their part.

5. Emotional Disconnection

Another sign of daycare negligence is a noticeable detachment with your child that has grown over the time they have been attending daycare. There is a closeness that every parent should have with their child, so when you notice this occurring in their early stages of development, this should be a cause of alarm. A young child’s demeanor does not just simply change, and they do not become withdrawn for no reason. If your child has appeared to become withdrawn in the recent past, do your part to understand what is happening behind your back at the daycare facility. If the facility truly cares about the emotional wellbeing of your child, they should be happy to help you uncover what is going on. If not, it is best to consider another option.

When to Seek Advice From a Personal Injury Lawyer

Once you have uncovered that your child has been experiencing daycare negligence, you should seek another alternative immediately and have a medical checkup performed for your child where necessary. After this, be sure to contact a professional personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to investigate your situation further to establish facts and find out whether or not the daycare center is compliant with the law and if you are able to receive compensation.

Finding the best personal injury lawyer for your child who has suffered from daycare negligence should be a top priority — contact Woods & Thompson, P.A. in Minneapolis today to see how we can help you and your child.