When the temperatures plunge and snow begins to fall, even the most experienced truck drivers can experience a difficult time when managing icy roads. Not only is poor visibility incredibly difficult to manage on its own, but reduced traction on the roads makes the job even harder.

In today’s entry by Woods & Thompson, P.A., our personal injury lawyers will be going over some preventative safety skills that truck drivers can implement in icy, poor weather conditions which will allow you to sail through the winter season without any major problems. Read on to learn more, and if you have experienced a wreck due to another person’s negligence, contact our personal injury lawyers in Minneapolis today. We will go the extra mile to work on your case and bring you the compensation that you deserve.

Tip #1: Slow Down

While this one may sound like a given, it can be easy to forget about — especially during long road trips. But realizingBut by realizing when you need to adjust your speed when road conditions worsen is key for safety as this helps to compensate for the poor traction. Moreover, slowing your speed will also provide you with more time to react if another driver loses control.

Tip #2: Thoroughly Inspect Your Vehicle

Having your truck inspected and prepared for the winter is essential to help prevent any major problems from occurring. Doing thingss like checking your tire pressure, antifreeze levels, and engine oil before you hit the road as well as having a mechanic inspect your vehicle to make sure it is ready to handle harsh conditions can help prevent any wear and tear or accidents from occurring.

Tip #3: Give Yourself Space On the Road

The stopping distance on a wet road is twice the normal stopping distance and almost 10 times for icy roads. This is why it is crucial to leave plenty of room between your truck and the vehicle in front of you so that you have ample space to slow down or move out of harm’s way in situations that become unpredictable.

Tip #4: When In Doubt, Pull Over

When the weather becomes too severe to drive or you begin to feel uncomfortable with the road conditions, there is nothing wrong with pulling over. Try not to think too much about your schedule as most people will understand if you end up being late. Find a safe spot to pull off of the roadway, throw on your hazard lights so others can see you, and wait until the weather improves and it is safe for you to get on the road again.

Tip #5: Be Prepared

Always remember to carry extra warm clothes and blankets in your truck with you in the case of an accident. It is also wise to carry a portable phone charger, a shovel, matches, a bag of sand for traction, water, and snacks with you in case you ever become stuck. Another bonus is having roadside assistance for trucks to fall back on in the case that you get stuck or run into any trouble while on the road.

By following these 10ten tips, you will help to keep both yourself and others safe while on the road this winter. If you have any questions or have been in an accident due to another’s negligence, contact our personal injury lawyers at Woods & Thompson, P.A. in Minneapolis today.