The holiday season has arrived, and what looks better than pulling up to your home in the evening and seeing beautiful, colorful lights hanging on your roof? While colorful lights can make your house look merry and bright and give it amazing curb appeal, it is important to follow some key safety tips if you aren’t opting to hire a professional to do the job. This way, you can fully enjoy your holiday season by avoiding any unnecessary and avoidable injuries.

Follow these safety tips for safely and successfully hanging your holiday lights this year:

1. Plan, plan, plan.

While the holiday decorating itch can come suddenly and without warning, it is important to plan ahead before jumping on the ladder and hanging up your lights. Start off by ensuring that you have a quality, sturdy ladder that is long enough for your roof and is secured while you are hanging the lights. And, while it may seem tedious, you will want to think about each move you make while up on your ladder to prevent losing your balance.

2. Check the weather.

This should be a given, but never get up on a ladder if the weather calls for heavy rain or snow. Even if the weather is mild it can still cause slick surfaces that are a recipe for injuries. It is not worth it and can wait an extra day or two.

Test and inspect all of your lights before decorating.
While this isn’t much of a safety tip, you will save yourself a lot of frustration by ensuring that all of your lights are working properly before taking the time and energy to hang them. The last thing you want to do is pull a Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and hang 250 strands of lights only for them to not work.

3. Watch your extension cords.

With all of the strands of lights and extension cords you will be using, make sure that you place them where they can’t be walked on or tripped over. You will also want to make sure that you are using extension cords that are rated for the environment where you are hanging them and that you do not overload any electrical sockets.

4. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional.

While it may seem pointless to hire someone to hang your holiday lights when you have the tools to do it yourself, a professional contractor can have your lights hung in a safe and timely manner while preventing any dangerous slips or falls. It is important to take your safety seriously so you can fully enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends. A simple Google search of “Holiday light hanging companies near me,” should provide you with more than enough professional companies to work with.

From all of us at Woods & Thompson, P.A. in Minneapolis, we hope you have a happy holiday season! And, if you ever experience a personal injury due to another person’s negligent actions, give our personal injury lawyers a call today to receive the compensation you deserve.