1. Five Telltale Signs of Daycare Negligence

    As a parent, caring for our children and providing for their needs is a big responsibility. When it comes to selecting the right daycare center for your child, it is always important to ask your friends and family and do research of your own in order to ensure that it will be a good, safe place for …Read More

  2. What to Do When an Aggressive Dog Threatens You

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  3. How to Help Prevent Winter Car Accidents

    Driving in Minnesota during the winter means dealing with potentially dangerous weather conditions, including snowstorms, white outs, black ice, sleet, ice, and so on. While driving in these conditions should be avoided altogether if possible, that just isn’t the case for some people. This is why …Read More

  4. Important Things You Need to Know About Medical Malpractice

    Did you know that in 2012, over three billion dollars were spent in medical malpractice payouts, averaging in one payout every 43 minutes? While this is alarming, there are things that you can do to avoid being a part of that alarming statistic. To do this, you must become your best health care advo…Read More

  5. How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

    When you are seriously injured due to the negligence of another person, finding the right personal injury lawyer who is right for you and your case could easily be one of the most important decisions you ever make. When choosing a personal injury lawyer in your area, there are several factors you ar…Read More

  6. 3 Most Common Burn Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    There are many ways that we can accidentally burn ourselves, whether it be from heat, chemicals, sunlight, radiation, or electricity. Burns cause damage to our body’s tissues with the degree of the burn depending on the intensity of the heat. In today’s blog, we will be discussing the different …Read More

  7. Amusement Park Accidents And Safety Tips

    Going to an amusement park on a hot summer day can be a fun, exhilarating experience for many children, adults, and families. Riding roller coasters, going on twirly rides, eating fair food, and playing carnival games appeals to a large audience. While millions of people visit amusement parks and ri…Read More

  8. How to Respond to a Dog Bite or Animal Attack

    A dog bite or animal attack can be a terrifying experience for adults and children alike. Not only can you sustain serious physical injuries, but you can also experience severe emotional trauma due to the incident. When a dog bite occurs, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possibl…Read More

  9. How to Respond to a Child Injury

    As a parent, you want to shield your child from as much danger and risk as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there to make sure that they’re safe. That’s why it can be difficult to trust another caregiver to offer the same attention and compassion that you do. While you do your best…Read More