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5 common road hazards bikers should watch out for

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Personal Injury

Although dangerous for all drivers, road hazards pose a more serious threat for motorcyclists.

With less traction and exposure to the elements, bikers have to be extra careful.

1. Animals

Animals ranging from squirrels to deer commonly cross rural roads. Bikers who try to avoid animals may veer off the road. Collisions with larger animals like deer could lead to serious injury. Deer typically migrate during spring and autumn, so take extra care during these months.

2. Slick roads

Oil, water and ice pose a bigger threat to bikers because it’s easier to lose traction. Minnesota and Wisconsin are two of the coldest states in America, so the risk of slipping on ice is much greater.

3. Breaks in the road

Some bridges have small spaces where the joints meet. Cars can pass over these spaces easily, but motorcycles might have more difficulty. The same goes for railroad crossings. Your tire can catch on the tracks if you ride at high speeds.

4. Uneven roads

Unpaved roads or roads with potholes are not uncommon in rural areas. These are especially dangerous for bikers because you can more easily lose control of a motorcycle than a car. Sometimes, traffic lanes are different heights. If you cross into another lane, you may hit this break. Additionally, if the shoulder is lower than the road, veering off could result in injury.

5. Random debris

You never know what you might find on the road. From car parts and furniture to tree branches and rocks, debris poses more of a hazard to bikers. Attempting to avoid the hazard could cause you to lose traction or fall off your bike.

Driving carefully and always remaining aware of your surroundings will help keep you safe while biking.